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VOTE417 endorses Provance, Crise, Kincaid for Springfield School Board

VOTE417, a Springfield-based community betterment group, has announced its endorsements for the April 2 Springfield School Board election. 

The group is endorsing Susan Provance, Scott Crise, and Danielle Kincaid. 

“Danielle Kincaid has shown calm and steady leadership in her role as board president, and Scott Crise has been a fair broker and a crucial swing vote in disagreements between differing factions on the board,” said Dennis Pyle, VOTE417 president. 

“Susan Provance has an extraordinary track record at Springfield Public Schools, from her time as a student to her three-plus decades as an educator. She will be an excellent addition.”

Formed in 2021, VOTE417 is a group of Southwest Missourians dedicated to the preservation of America’s traditional democratic system of government. 

“A well-informed citizenry is crucial to a healthy democracy,” Pyle said. “The board of education’s goal must be to ensure that we are producing well-informed citizens and giving them the tools needed to be productive members of society.”

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